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We will deliver even the most non-standard load with a full range of pallet services.

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Advantages of palletised shipments

  • Wide range (types and dimensions)

    Euro-pallets (EPAL 120 x 80 cm), half-pallets (60 x 80 cm), industrial pallets 120 x 100 cm, non-standard pallets.

  • Quick and simple

    It only takes a few minutes to send a pallet by courier through our service! Convenient access to reliable carriers in one panel.

  • Domestic and international pallets

    Pallet transport with customs handling. Comprehensive tracking system. Extensive catalogue of additional services.

Dimensions and weight of pallets

Apaczka handles the shipment of all types of standard pallets, and we also deal with unusual cases. The dimensions accepted by our carriers are:

  • Euro-pallets 120 x 80 cm – up to 1200 kg,

  • industrial pallets 120 x 100 cm – up to 1200 kg,

  • industrial pallets 120 x 120 cm – up to 1200 kg,

  • half pallets 80 x 60 cm – up to 400 kg

  • non-standard loads – we price individually – write to us.

Check out the pallet range of trusted courier companies.

Ship pallets easily and conveniently.

Transport security and monitoring

  • Full control

    From collection to delivery – complete monitoring of pallet shipments. With our tools, you can track your shipment at every delivery stage.

  • Transport of valuable goods

    We ensure that valuable goods are transported safely and on time.

  • Verified carriers

    We work with reputable courier companies that guarantee high-quality service and security.

No commitments

  • Free account

    No unnecessary paperwork or maintenance costs. Register and see how much you can save on pallet shipping.

  • No logistical minimum

    Apaczka pays for itself even if you use courier services occasionally.

  • No fixed charges

    You don’t pay if you don’t send anything. Complete flexibility and cost minimisation.

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