InPost parcels without labels

Send parcels in InPost Paczkomat without printing labels!

Send a parcel without a label
no more label printing

InPost without a label

Your parcel is ready to ship, but you do not have a printer at hand to print the waybill? It’s not a problem any more!

At, you can send a parcel in an InPost parcel locker without printing the label.

Sending parcel locker parcels without a label is a great convenience and a perfect solution when you do not have access to a printer, e.g. on holidays.

No more label printing!

Send a parcel without a label
Inpost without a label

Send the parcel without printing the label

  • Log to our panel

    You do not have an account? Create an account, it only takes 3 minutes to register.

  • Complete the posting form

    select the additional service “sending without label”.

  • Put the 9-digit code on the parcel

    You will receive the tracking code in the confirmation email. Please remember! The prepared parcel should not contain any shipping label with data which could mislead us.

  • Place the unlabeled parcel in the chosen parcel locker

    All you have to do is enter the 9-digit code on the screen of the Inpost parcel locker and place the shipment in the indicated one, and your shipment goes on its way to the sender.

inpost nadanie bez etykiety

Choose convenient solutions

You can send a parcel without a label:

  • In the selected InPost parcel locker, there are over 19,300 of them

  • 24/7h – InPost Paczkomat locker will always be happy to accept your parcel,

  • when you need to send a parcel quickly and do not want to waste time looking for a printer.

Send a parcel without a label
Nadanie inpost bez etykiety

Create a free account and send a parcel without a label in an InPost Paczkomat.

Take advantage of an intuitive shipping form.

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